In an effort to best care as Christ, New Covenant Church has made a priority counseling through a biblical perspective for individuals and families. We invest in this in several ways: through our biblical counseling training, through teaching on biblical counseling, and through providing bibilical counseling.

Biblical counseling, different from christian counseling, is driven by looking first and primarily to the Bible for how to navigate the various circumstances we face in our daily lives. From anxiety and depression, to handling addiction or a struggling marriage, biblical counseling helps people learn and refer back to how God would instruct us to respond to various issues through His word.

Interested in learning more about biblical counseling and how you can learn to counsel biblically? A great way to do so is by checking out our Event tab to see what upcoming trainings we have through our Covenant Counseling Commissioning, the training arm of the ministry. You can also reach out to Pastor Adam, at with questions.

Interested in receiving biblical counseling? Reach out to Pastor Adam, at with questions, or get started in the process by filing out THIS paperwork and someone will contact you for next steps.